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Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Panevėžys County Public Library is the main library in the northeast of Lithuania. It is a modern library having the largest collection of documents in the region and organizing various cultural activities.

The Library‘s work is based on common values and national traditions. It strives to meet educational, cultural, business, self-education and other needs of all people regardless of their nationality, political views, age, religion, profession or other differences.

  The main directions in the Library‘s work are the following:
•  forming a universal collection of documents taking into account economic and cultural development  of Panevėžys region and its residents‘ needs;
•  accumulating and saving documents related to Panevėžys region;
•  serving to users, satisfying their reading and information needs;
• organizing various cultural activities: conferences, meetings, literary evenings, art and book exhibitions;
• coordinating methodical, bibliographic, information and local studies work of the public libraries of Panevėžys region;  performing the function of Interlibrary lending (TBA) in the region;
• conducting research work in library science, bibliography, information and book science in Panevėžys region;
•  member of the Lituanian Integral Libraries Information System (LIBIS);
• member of both: the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium (LMBA) and the County Public Libraries Association (AVBA).

The Library provides access to books, periodicals, audio-visual documents, databases, manuscripts, compact discs, traditional and online catalogues, the Internet. The users are provided the loan for home use service and in-house use service (in the reading-rooms).

Information is available:
by phone (8-45) 46 57 67,
fax (8-45) 50 16 99,
e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our address:
Respublikos str. 14,
LT-35184 Panevezys, Lithuania